IRIS: Independent Resource and Information Services

Key words

Information… Knowledge… Communication… Dissemination… Gender equality… Social justice….


Lebanon has a rich sector of non-governmental community organizations working in many different fields. These NGOs play an essential role in addressing the country's social and economic problems, both independently and in association with government initiatives.
Despite the growth of this sector and continual establishment of new organizations, few
mechanisms exist to enable the consistent exchange and flow of information between NGOs and to assist cooperation and coordination between related projects.
The effectiveness and impact of NGOs in Lebanon is seriously constricted by this gap in
communication and information.
Through providing opportunities for learning, information exchange and communication,
IRIS seeks to address gaps and challenges that NGOs are facing.


The key objectives of IRIS are to

  • Disseminate news briefs and analysis on NGOs, poverty and social development;
  • Promote dialogue, exchange and debate on civil society;
  • Increase the coverage of NGOs and development issues in the media;
  • Mainstream gender awareness in social development;
  • Increase the effectiveness of the NGO sector through all of the above.


Strategies and activities

IRIS achieves its objectives through an ongoing process of interaction and involvement with NGOs and development agencies. By keeping abreast of the media and updated on recent events, studies and research, IRIS provides an essential source of information throughout the NGO sector in Lebanon. This process of communication and exchange is manifested in specific IRIS initiatives, including:

  • The Monthly Information Bulletin (MAJAL)
  • The Resource Library
  • "Special Dossier" Publications
  • A hotline service

How can you help?

IRIS is useful to individuals and organizations alike, from donors and communities, to scholars, practitioners and the media.

You can benefit from IRIS through the following:

  • Seek internship and volunteers placement;
  • Access research and other knowledge resources;
  • Publicize and disseminate NGO events and news;
  • Access analysis and information provided by IRIS
  • Access information about development agencies and other stakeholders

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