Teams & Programs

The Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action has four key programme areas, namely:

  • Gender and inclusive citizenship
  • Gender and economic rights
  • Gender, leadership and participation
  • Right to information and knowledge

Teams consisting of full time and part time staff in addition to interns and volunteers implement programmes.


Current teams include the following:

  • Active Citizenship and Gendered Social Entitlements (ACGEN) Team

The ACGEN Team works on the issues of gender and social entitlements and the role of social institutions, notably faith based institutions and the state in Lebanon. Work includes research, monitoring, developing and disseminating analysis as well as communicating with and mobilizing sister NGOs and groups around the issues of gender, social entitlements and citizenship.

Since 2010, the team has expanded its outreach to work on the issue of Public Civil Rights in Lebanon. A number of studies are now taking place and will lead to the launch of the Public Civil Rights Campaign in late 2012.

  • Independent Resource and Information Services (IRIS) Team

The IRIS Team is one of the first CRTD.A teams and consists of the hub of knowledge production and dissemination. The Team hosts the two CRTD.A specialized libraries; the Gender Library and the Development and CSOs library.

The Team operates the CRTD.A website ( and the Lebanon Knowledge and Development Gateway ( It produces some three periodical information newsletter and disseminates them to an e-list of more than 6300 addresses.

  • Women Economic Empowerment Programme (WEEP) Team

The WEEP Team works essentially at the grassroots level and implements initiatives that reach out to more than 40 rural women cooperatives and women’s groups all over Lebanon. The team assesses the situation and needs of local and rural women’s groups, works jointly with women to identify priorities, provides hands on and capacity building training in addition to facilitating market access through the establishment of Namlyeh, a market access point in Beirut. Works also includes policy dialogue with various stakeholders, research and dissemination of knowledge.

  • Arab Women's Right to Nationality Campaign

CRTD.A’s nationality campaign team works both locally, regionally and internationally in advocacy, lobbying and campaigning for the reform of nationality laws in Arab countries. The work of the Team has been extensively mediatized as it has generated significant public interest regarding the impact of discriminatory nationality laws on women.


Cross-cutting Teams include the following:
  • Gender and Leadership Team

The Gender and Leadership Team is a cross cutting and evolving team of internal and external trainers and facilitators who participatory, iterative and interactive training on leadership, political participation, ICT and economic empowerment using curricula developed by the Women Learning Partnership. In addition to the on-going training, the team also organizes regional training institutes. Thus far, one regional ICT institute was organized in addition to three regional leadership training of trainers. The gender and leadership team serves all of CRTD.A’s teams and programmes.

  • Media Team

The media team is CRTD.A’s liaison with the media. It maintains and updates a media database, circulates information to the media and ensures that CRTD.A frequent press releases and public advocacy events are adequately covered by national and regional media.