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My Nationality is A Right for Me and My Family Campaign organised a sit-in on Sunday at Riad Solh Square under the banner, ‘Nationality is a sense of belonging and a right for all women’. The sit-in was aimed to remind officials of the discrimination suffered by Lebanese mothers preventing them from... more
The objective of this survey:, is to provide information that would be used as a baseline that would help assess the impact of the project "Advocacy towards Gender Equitable Economic Engagement in Lebanon - Overcoming the Barrier of Marginalization for Women".... more
(Panel Discussions with Radwan Mortada - Prepared by Dr. Omar Nashabeh, CRTD.A 2016) (Arabic, English) This manual is published under CRTD.A’s regional project “Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women” – phase 3. This regional project comes within the framework of the women economic empowerment... more



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Inspiring biography of women militant for social justice and gender equality, Dr. Michele Bachelet, new President of Chili

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Introduction aux études sur le genre (2e édition)

By: Laure Bereni-Sebadtien Chauvin-Alexandre Jaunait-Anne Revillard

Femmes entre sexe et genre

By: Sylviane Agacinski

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By: Elisabeth Badinter

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