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“My nationality is a right for me and my family” Campaign and the “Collective for Research & Training on Development - Action” in partnership and cooperation with “Salam for Democracy and Human Rights” launched the advocacy campaign “Our right is not Patronage”, to demand the Lebanese state for... more
We, the members of the Lebanon Feminist Civil Society Platform[1] and who are the signatories to this statement have been following with grave concern the recent and repeated escalation of violence against Palestinians residing in Gaza and other parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the I... more
Every day, our government practices blatant discrimination and racism towards Lebanese women. In every decision it takes to help the male Lebanese citizens, it violates the right of the female Lebanese citizens! more



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Proceeding of an online national consultative meeting on engagement of marginalized women in the economy,(1) welcome note, (2)excerpts from thematic discussions - barriers to engagement, strategies of breaking barriers, way forward - (3) followed by presentations by Ms. Iqbal Doughan on the barriers to engagement; Ms. Samira Baghdadi and Ms. Ola Al-Gundi on strategies of breaking the barriers and related factors, and HE Ms.

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Introduction aux études sur le genre (2e édition)

By: Laure Bereni-Sebadtien Chauvin-Alexandre Jaunait-Anne Revillard

Femmes entre sexe et genre

By: Sylviane Agacinski

Fausse route

By: Elisabeth Badinter

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