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The violation of public property in Lebanon goes on unabated in the absence of a formal law which would protect public property and ensure that they are equally accessible to all citizens. Alas, public property in Lebanon clearly continues to be hijacked by politicians who are entrusted to protect... more
CRTD.A organised the second part of the Leadership Workshop for young women and men. The event was organised at the CRTD.A premises with 8 young women and men all of whom are children of women active and concerned in the Nationality Campaign. The workshop was based on the WLP Leadership for Youth... more
CRTD.A organized a two days Leading to Choices Leadership workshop for the benefit of eight young women and men whose mothers are members in the Nationality Campaign. The training is planned in two phases. The first phase was concluded on the 26th and 27th of August and sought to build the youth c... more


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