About the Library

CRTD.A has a public library consisting of two sections. The first section is includes resources in the fields of community development and civil society (IRIS-Lib). The second section includes specialized resources in gender and development, women’s rights and equality (GLIP-Lib).
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The library contains more than 7000 references ranging from books, reports, studies and research publications in Arabic, English and French. The number of resources in the Library is increasing continuously as new additions are made on a monthly basis.
The library serves the interest of students, researchers, media figures and individuals involving gender issues, and civil society.

Library Hours

The library welcomes visitors from 8:30 am to 3:30 p.m. from Monday through Friday (except during official holidays). The library has an equipped reading room as well as photocopying facilities. The CRTD.A resources officer is available to help users find references and material.
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For further inquiries:

Museum area, behind Volvo Co., Karim Salameh Bldg.. 1st Fl.
P.O. Box 165302 Beirut-Lebanon
Tel/Fax: +961-1-616751