CRTD.A Partners

CRTD.A engages in partnerships with NGOs with whom it shares a common vision as well as belief in shared values of equality, justice and rights.
On an international level, CRTD.A is a partner of the Women Learning Partnership (, an international partnership, which extends globally and over 22 countries. In addition to working collaboratively towards a vision of an egalitarian and just society, CRTD.A and WLP work together on advocacy, curriculum development and international solidarity. WLP has supported CRTD.A in addressing the international arena at the Commission of the Status of Women (CSW) as well as at the World Movement for Democracy in additional to international media coverage.
CRTD.A works with the WIDE network in Europe ( in furthering understanding of economic literacy and economic rights. In October 2011, CRTD.A and WIDE co-organised a conference in Brussels on the aftermath of the “Arab Spring” on women.
In the Arab region, CRTD.A is the Lebanon coordinator of the Equality without Reservation Coalition, a network that seeks to lobby Arab States for the lifting of all the reservation and implementation of CEDAW as well as the ratification of its Optional Protocol. The Coalition is actually focusing its attention on the constitutional reform processes within the framework of the so-called “Arab Springs”.

CRTD.A’s partners include the following:
IDRC- International Development Research Centre
Kvinna till Kvinna
Global Fund for Women
Global Affairs Canada
Equality Fund | Funding Feminist Futures
Ministry of Social Affairs
UN Women
Strategy for  humanity