About CRTD.A

The Collective for Research and Training on Development-Action (CRTD.A) is a non-governmental organization registered in 2003 (registration number: 68) and based in Beirut, Lebanon. Whether working in Lebanon or across the Arab countries in collaboration with partners in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Syria, and Tunisia, CRTD.A seeks to contribute to citizenship, social justice and gender equality.


CRTD.A's vision

CRTD.A's vision is to contribute to a buoyant and active NGO community, and to a thriving, egalitarian and just society in the region at large. CRTD.A is committed to values of gender equality, respect of diversity and strives for social justice. CRTD.A endeavors to take actions of the highest international standards that reflect the needs and opportunities of a challenging and changing world.



CRTD.A’s methodology is based on the principles of learning, participation, mutual cooperation and establishing partnerships, upholding the values of rights, equality and justice. This methodology is articulated around the following 4 strategies:


  • Monitoring and Analysis of the NGOs/CSOs and Development Scene in Lebanon and dissemination of information

CRTD.A has established in the year 2000 the “NGOs Independent Resources and Information Services” (NGOs IRIS Unit). It maintains a regular monitoring and analysis activities of all NGOs in Lebanon as well as issues related to development policies, aid and programme. This information is analyzed, documented, written up and disseminated widely primarily through CRTD.A’s bulletins and newsletters.


  • Partnering with NGOs and key stakeholders

CRTD.A establishes partnerships with NGOs and stakeholders with whom it shares a common vision. In partnering we share best practices and give support to national capacity building and policy advocacy on gender and development and social development issues.


  • Training and Capacity Building

CRTD.A provides on-going and context specific training and capacity building to local women groups, community organisations and other stakeholders in themes and topics related to CRTD.A’s four key areas of involvement (namely gender and inclusive citizenship, gender and economic rights, gender and socio-economic empowerment, leadership and public participation).


Action-Oriented Research and Promoting Learning

All of CRTD.A’s current and past programmes have been informed by action oriented qualitative research which provides an important space and opportunity to listen to the voices of women and understand their experiences, challenges and aspirations. CRTD.A has developed during the past two years a regional training programme for NGOs which aims at supporting them in developing action research skills to inform their planning.


Board Members

Lawyer Aline Khoury 

Dr. Aziza Khalidi

Dr. Ali Darwish        

Lina Abou Habib

Dr. Amal Damien

Jahda Abou Khalil

Nisrine Naaman

Dr .Omar Nashabe 

Soeur Sonia  Samra

Lawyer Iqbal Doughan