The Independent Resources and information Services (IRIS): New Developments in 2016

Wed, 02/03/2016

This year is witnessing significant changes within IRIS. The purpose is to be able to provide better services to our readers and followers as well as keep abreast on digital knowledge dissemination. These changes are informed by the internal review of our decade-long work and which we carried out over the last few months.
First in these changes, we would like to inform you that we will stop producing the Al Majal monthly electronic newsletter as of January 2016. Instead, we will be disseminating all the news included in Al Majal via our two portals: and
Within the same vein, we will also be introducing some changes in the Social Rights Watch newsletter which prior printable format will change. Instead, the SRW will be uploaded ion the portal and will also be issued fortnightly instead of monthly.
During the upcoming three months, we will also be developing the portal so as to be able to keep constantly abreast of developments within issues related to citizenship in Lebanon and that is through upgrading our sites as well as the knowledge services provided. We will be keeping you posted gradually on the changes that we will be bringing in.
Finally, we hope that these revisions and updates will allow us to better disseminate information and knowledge as well as contribute to strengthening citizenship in Lebanon and widening our loyal followers’ base.
With all good wishes,
The IRIS team