New publication from CRTD.A - Women's Work in Lebanon: Making the Invisible Visible

Mon, 04/10/2017

The Collective for Research and Training on Development – Action recently published a research report by Tina Wallace on Women’s Work in Lebanon. This publication falls within CRTD.A’s regional program “Sustainable Economic Empowerment for Women” (SEOW phase 3).

The study draws on research data and debates from Lebanon to describe and understand women’s work and their involvement in the three sectors of the economy (formal, paid and regulated sector; informal and unregulated sector; responsibilities and work within the domestic context, the care economy). The author focuses on the invisible part of women’s work (unpaid domestic and care work) and its implications for women’s economic participation and the recognition of Lebanese women’s contribution to the economy.

If interested to order a copy of the book please call CRTD.A on 01-616751