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News and Events

CRTD.A provides different services through which it tries to contribute to the social development of local communities and organizations through enhancing capacities to reach more just and equitable environment.

News & Events

Follow our past, present and future events…
This section provides you with information and snippets from previous and current seminars, researches, publications, public events and other activities organized by CRTD.A
This section also provides information about upcoming events as well as guidelines if you wish to join the event (in case it is open) or access additional information.

FEMPAWER - orientation meeting – 20 July @ 11 am Beirut time

Thu, 08/19/2021

Call for Women’s Organizations in Lebanon to Collaboration Grants for Lobbying and Advocacy
To access the meeting, please click on the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82676986896
This meeting will be recorded and the link circulated. It is also possible, given the circumstances inLebanon s, to contact us via e-mail:  

Or by phone
Randa Dayeh: 03466894

FEMPAWER - Call for grants funding - deadline extended until 31 August 2021

Thu, 08/19/2021

Call for Women’s Organizations in Lebanon to Collaboration Grants for Lobbying and Advocacy
· Are you an activist working on the intersections of women economic rights, and violence against women?
· Would you like to be part of a national/ regional network that advocate and support women’s collective organizing on economic and labor rights to fight economic gender based violence?
If so, please continue reading!

Year 1 commemoration of Beirut Blast: so that we remember and learn..

Tue, 08/03/2021

My nationality is a right for me and my family campaign: our right is not Patronage

Wed, 06/30/2021

“My nationality is a right for me and my family” Campaign and the “Collective for Research & Training on Development - Action” in partnership and cooperation with “Salam for Democracy and Human Rights” launched the advocacy campaign “Our right is not Patronage”, to demand the Lebanese state for immediate action in amending the Nationality Law to achieve full equality between women and men.

Lebanon Feminist Civil Society Platform -Signatories’ statement: Ethnic cleansing in Palestine; a call for action

Tue, 06/01/2021

We, the members of the Lebanon Feminist Civil Society Platform[1] and who are the signatories to this statement have been following with grave concern the recent and repeated escalation of violence against Palestinians residing in Gaza and other parts of the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the Israeli occupation forces. This is not the first of such attacks against Palestinians, but rather a reiteration of the state of Israel’s policy of ethnic cleansing.

Loss of Moustapha Shabb, our valued CRTD.A colleague

Wed, 02/03/2021

It is with great sadness that we at CRTDA relay to our colleagues in civil society, that our colleague Moustafa Shabb passed on February 2nd, 2021 after a long battle with the consequences of a massive brain embolism several months ago. He is survived by his wife Maryam and his daughter Jouhaina, and his brother Qassem and nephews and nieces.


Wed, 12/30/2020

The year 2020 is a land mark in our work where we interfaced with challenges of political, economic as well as public health volatilities. In addition, 2020 marks the 20th year of our emergence as an NGO.

Our annual report reflects our activism, resilience, vigilance and determination to move forward towards our aspirations of gender equality and social justice.

We present to you the annual report as another knowledge product to commemorate our 20th Anniversary.

To view the report, click on: https://bit.ly/3rzsT89

My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family: The Lebanese authorities are more fatal and discriminatory than the pandemic itself

Mon, 04/27/2020

Every day, our government practices blatant discrimination and racism towards Lebanese women. In every decision it takes to help the male Lebanese citizens, it violates the right of the female Lebanese citizens!

Join WLP in advocating for Equality in Families

Tue, 05/14/2019

In observance of the International Day of Families day (May 15th), WLP will be hosting at 11:00 AM EST a webinar focused on the Equality Starts in the Family campaign. Please join us and let us hear your feedback on the webinar! You can register at this link: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_vmqElepHQ-uWsN_5UQ5RNA