SEOW2 holds its 2013 Regional Partners Meeting in Beirut

Sat, 12/21/2013

The SEOW2 Regional Project convened its 2013 annual Regional Partners' Meeting which was held on December 20 and 21st. The meeting was attended by 33 participants from Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya, Palestine in addition to Lebanon. The first day of the meeting was essentially devoted to a sharing of key trends and developments in the regional and country contexts with an emphasis on impact on women's economic rights and empowerment. The meeting also included a capacity building component which begun on the afternoon of the first day and extended into three sessions into the next day. The knowledge capacity building sessions focused on the key areas of thematic concerns of the project namely women's work and the provisions of Quiwama, women's informal work, and alternative economic indicators to visibilise women's work. The two days meeting ended with planning sessions to draw the main directions for the SEOW3 phase of the project which will start in January 2014 and will extend over two years. Following this meeting, individual country meetings will be held during the first quarter of 2014 in order to identify specific country-based interventions with partners of the project.