"Equality without Reservation" statements on the challenges facing women in the Arab Region

Thu, 07/18/2013

Members of "Equality without Reservation" steering committee, which includes women from Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan and Tunisia, met in Cairo on 27 June 2013. The meeting was hosted by the EWR secretariat, the New Woman Foundation, and focused on discussing and analyzing the current trends and developments in the region, the impact on women's rights and the role of the EWR. 
Members of the EWR agreed that the rise of Islamist conservative groups in the Arab region poses a serious threat to women and, as such, there is a need for consistent action to challenge their discourse and their position vis-à-vis women's rights. 
EWR will strengthen its role as an observatory of women's rights in the Arab region, with special focus on those countries in conflict and/or in transition, and will be issuing frequent statements highlighting threats facing Arab women.
EWR is therefore starting by issuing 3 statements on the challenges nowfacing women in Libya, Egypt and the Arab region generally.
● To read the EWR statement regarding Libyan Women and Participation in the Drafting of the New Constitution, please check the following link:http://crtda.org.lb/webfm_send/84
● To read the EWR statement regarding the recent developments in Egypt, please check the following link: http://crtda.org.lb/webfm_send/77
● To read the EWR statement regarding the situation and rights of women amidst the transformations in the Arab region, please check the following link: http://crtda.org.lb/webfm_send/85
For more information on EWR, please check the Facebook book page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/22080962965/  or the EWR page:http://cedaw.wordpress.com/.
You can also contact Lina Abou Habib on: labouhabib@crtda.org.lb