CRTD.A & WLP || Launching of "Stand with Arab Women Who Stand for Democracy" Campaign

Wed, 07/10/2013

"The Arab revolts which have started in December 2010 have generated a most unprecedented change in the Arab world.  Indeed, the past era has witnessed significant youth involvement, a visible and vocal participation of women demanding change as well as a greater space for organizing and free speech.  However, the new powers that have occupied the political vacuum in the Arab region are mostly conservative Islamist with a clear vision of what society should be. 
The discourse and the practices in the region have clearly sought to marginalize, exclude and often intimidate women and girls. Given this context, the "Women Learning Partnership for Rights, Development and Peace" whichincludes women from  Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Bahrain and Morocco, is launching the Stand with Women Who Stand for Democracy Campaign which kicked off on July 1st.
The campaign, which will include online and offline activities, is meant to raise global awareness that democracy will not be achieved "in the Arab region nor elsewhere" without the full participation of women and equal human rights for all citizens. We urge you to actively take part in this campaign (through checking the attachment) and watch its insightful documentary ( ( that seeks to share the voices and aspirations of women for true democracy and equality.