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This section provides you with information and snippets from previous and current seminars, researches, publications, public events and other activities organized by CRTD.A
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Past Events

The Collective for Research and Training on Development -Action and the Women Learning Partnership organised on March 1st a parallel event at the 56th CSW in New York to discuss the complex issue of rural... more
In cooperation with the Makhzoumi Foundation and the Ministry of Social Affairs, the citizenship team at the CRTD.A held a training workshop for the students of the Islamic Technical Institute – Shatila more
In its Monday December 12, 2011 hearing, the Lebanese council of ministers passed the draft law “to restore the nationality to Lebanese descendants” but only after making an amendment dubbed “minor” by the... more
On 20-06-1994, they were granted the Lebanese nationality for political-electoral purposes. On 28-10-2011, the nationality was withdrawn from them because the Lebanese state had given them that nationality by... more
Around 16 activists from the CRTD.A took part in a quality action that the “Haqqi Alayyi” group had called for in front of the Ministry of Health facing the National Museum under the headline “dead for a... more
It seems that the cabinet of PM Najib Mikati is proceeding with its alienation of Lebanese women and their rights to a full partnership and to equality. Indeed, and after dropping women from the cabinet, there... more
The “Nationality Campaign” (My Nationality is a right for me and my family) organized a “General Assembly” meeting for a number Lebanese women married to non-nationals. The meeting was held at the YWCA... more
In the occasion of the “International Days for the Refugees” and in response to UNHCR’s (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) invitation, the “Nationality Campaign” (My Nationality is a right for me... more