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Past Events

Manifestations of xenophobia and bigotry appear to be intrinsic to the social and psychological makeup of a large section of the Lebanese population and are intimately associated with their perception of the... more
CRTD.A organized a one day roundtable, hosted by ASALA, in Ramallah – Palestine, on the subject of ‘Women and informal work in Palestine: Key policy issues’. The event was held on the 4th of December 2013 and... more
My Nationality is a Right for me and My Family Campaign renewed its demands for equality in the rights of women to transmit nationality as well as for equality in the laws during a national sit in organised... more
Lebanon is celebrating this year the 70th anniversary of its Independence amidst a general political, social, and economic crisis and a lack of clarity regarding the future of its citizens who are increasingly... more
Supportive of women’s right for full citizenship Refusing the exclusion and marginalization of Lebanese women Calling for a new Lebanese state that safeguards citizenship and social entitlements For full... more
Lebanon has witnessed during the past two years a worrying increase in calls for protecting the rights of confessions (rather than individuals), the last of which was the creation of the “land movement”, a new... more
The Collective for Research and Training on Development - Action convened on 31 October 2013, a consultative meeting to launch its new regional initiative entitled "Supporting and connecting rural women's... more
Within the framework of its regional field visits aiming at developing new contacts with concerned women and active members of civil society, the Nationality Campaign organised on October 29-2013 a local... more