The Nationality Campaigns demands the Ministerial Commission to be transparent

Mon, 09/10/2012

The Nationality Campaigns welcomes the holding of the first meeting on 7 September 2012 of the Ministerial Commission mandated with the responsibility of revising the current Nationality Law. This first meeting was held five month after the Commission was formed. The Nationality Campaign would also like to express its appreciation vis-à-vis the head of the Commssion, Minister Samir Mokbel, who kept the promise he made to the Campaign representatives during their sit-in on the 19th of July 2012 when he pledged that he will call for a first meeting right after Eid al Fitr. Since very little has transpired from this first meeting, and because of the critical importance of being transparent as well as on ensuring the participation of civil society and public opinion at large in the debates and outcomes of this Ministerial Commission, the Nationality Campaign would like to request that this Ministerial Commission, headed by Minister Mokbel, shares the points discussed during this first meeting, the position of each of its members, as well as the principles and framework it will use in reviewing the nationality and the date/s of its subsequent meeting/s.