SEOW 2 Capacity Building Workshop in Rabat – 10 and 11 July 2012

Tue, 07/10/2012

Within the framework of its regional Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women project, CRTD.A organized a two days capacity building workshop which was hosted by the Association Democratique des Femmes du Maroc (
The workshop was attended by representatives of 8 Moroccan organizationsinvolved in issues related to women’s economic empowerment and focused on a conceptual understanding of what constitutes women’s work, the ways in which this work is defined, the ideology behind such definition, what it leaves out and the results at the level of discriminatory policies and practices.

The workshop benefited from the input of ADFM’s former president and current member of UN Women NGO consultative committee, Ms. Rabea Naciri who analyzed the gaps in defining and measuring women’s work in national statistics as well as the impact of the religious Quiwwama as a guiding ideology that reiterates men supremacy over women.
The workshop ended by a capacity building session on social media as participants were encouraged to use the SEOW project blog (add blog address) to post information and news related to women’s work.
CRTD.A is now finalizing the resources developed for this workshop in order to move into the subsequent step of research and further capacity building.
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