Gender & Development

The MENA Gender and Development E-Brief (MENA GAD E-Brief) is a monthly electronic bulletin produced by CRTD.A in English. MENA GAD E-Brief tracks, harvests and compiles news, researches, events, and analysis on gender, development, human rights, gender based violence, family laws, policies and practices from various global electronic sources in addition to credible NGOs and CSOs publications and other published material.
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Gender and Development e-Brief receives material from various sources for its publication. Should you wish to refer to these sources/ sites directly, the list includes publications from: AVIVA,, AWID:, Democracy Digest:, Development Gateway:, Dignity:, e-Civicus:, Eldis:, ESCWA:, GDB:, Global Knowledge Partnership:, IGTN:, ILO: One World:, Siyanda:, The Daily Star:, The Drum Beat:, The Soul Beat:, The World Bank:, UNDP:, Wicejilist:, WLP:; WIDE:; IRIN News:, Women's UN Report Network:, Women Living Under Muslim Laws:

Issue Number Date Download Issue
Issue #102 November 2010
Issue #101 October 2010
Issue #100 September 2010
Issue #99 August 2010
Issue #98 July 2010
Issue #97 June 2010
Issue #96 May 2010
Issue #95 April 2010
Issue #94 March 2010
Issue #93 February 2010
Issue #92 January 2010
Issue #91 December 2009
Issue #90 November 2009
Issue #89 October 2009
Issue #88 September 2009