Buy Namlieh products and support rural women


Namlieh, originally the name of the traditional wooden cupboard using during the pre-electricity times, is a space for exhibition and sales of traditional, creative and healthy products made by the rural women cooperatives.

Namlieh also facilitates access to internal and external clients, organizes or participates in marketing events and engages in Fair Trade initiatives.

In Namlieh, you can also find traditional arts and handcrafts made by women such as the typical “Tarek stitching”, a receding art only mastered by women in Bekaa, traditional embroidery and eco-friendly pottery.


Namlieh exhibits and sells more than 100 different traditional and healthy products manufactured by 36 rural women cooperatives located all over Lebanon.

More than 500 women in rural areas are involved in the making of these products and make their living out of these sales.

Namlieh offers a wide range of exhibitions, tasting events, and “meet the producers” activities.

When you buy products from Namlieh you contribute to:

  • The livelihoods of more than 500 women and their families all over Lebanon
  • The preservation of traditional food and recipes
  • The preservation of the local environment
  • Your own health and well being

For more information about Namlieh please call us on: 01-397292


For ordering from Namlieh store, please call us on: 01-397292


Namlieh Outlet Address

Museum Plaza

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Telefax: +961-1-397292

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