My Nationality sit-in demands fair law for women

Sun, 03/10/2019

My Nationality is A Right for Me and My Family Campaign organised a sit-in on Sunday at Riad Solh Square under the banner, ‘Nationality is a sense of belonging and a right for all women’. The sit-in was aimed to remind officials of the discrimination suffered by Lebanese mothers preventing them from conferring nationality to their children, requesting a law to this effect. Scores of civil society activists, mothers and their children participated in the demonstration which did not see the presence of any politician contrary to protests prior to parliamentary elections, as noted Campaign coordinator, Karima Chebbo. Reminiscing pledges by MP candidates, Chebbo noted that nothing tangible has materialised to this end, except from the Democratic Gathering Party member, MP Hadi Abul Hosn, who supported the draft bill prepared by the campaign demanding equal treatment between men and women. Chebbo stressed that the campaign decided to take to the street earlier than usual this year to appeal to the Legislature currently busy approving financial laws to persuade it to play fair and enact a legislation that restores women’s incomplete citizenship. Shebbo pointed out that the campaign deliberately avoided to coincide its protest with the Mother’s or Woman’s Day in order to dodge the idea of weekend or occasional protests. “Where is the right of the woman stipulated by the Constitution? Aren’t we entitled as Lebanese women married to non-Lebanese to give nationality to our kids? We are sick and tired of supportive statements by the media and politicians, and ask for the lawmaking and ratification of laws.” She called on the prime minister who always reiterated his backing to the issue, to speed up the enactment of the law soon enough. We Don’t want to beg at the doors of politicians, we want a detailed draft that talks equality among all citizens without exceptions, Chebbo concluded. “We demand equality, citizenship and rights,” she said. On the subject, MP Samir Jisr tweeted, “On the International Woman’s Day… we press for lifting all forms of injustice and discrimination against women, starting with the adoption of a law that gives the Lebanese woman the right to pass nationality to her family members.” (Al Akhbar, NNA, Al Mustaqbal, Modon portal, Al Jadid online, LBC online, Al Hayat, March 11, 2019)