On Independence Day: My Nationality Campaign calls for knocking down legal colonization

Fri, 11/23/2018

On the 75th Independence Day, while Lebanese women married to non-Lebanese are still denied the right to confer nationality to their family members, My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family campaign called on concerned women and their children to post comments on its Facebook page and speak out against the discriminatory actions which deprive them of their basic civil rights (https://bit.ly/2R93Shq). The posts stressed that no independence is complete under the outdated French Mandate laws, calling for the overthrow of legal colonialism through the hashtag #Down¬_with_legal_colonialism. Real independence, they agreed, is achieved with the enactment of an unprejudiced nationality law which ensures gender equality. Below are samples of the comments published on the Campaign’s FB site: “Discrimination in the nationality law imposes its mandate on the women of Lebanon”; “Outdated legislations and a fake independence”; “Down with discriminatory laws, Mandate laws and residual laws of colonialism”; “Our children belong to this nation despite the injustice and bigotry affecting them”; “Discrimination against women is a great loss to the nation”; “My children are strangers in their country”; “What independence are you referring to, and what are you celebrating while my children remain stateless”; “No independence is complete without a fair nationality law” and “My children at school rehearse poems for the Independence occasion, I pity them, they want a homeland, but the latter does not want them”.