My Nationality campaign warning of new behind-the-scenes naturalization

Tue, 07/24/2018

My Nationality is A Right for Me and My Family campaign warned in a statement yesterday of naturalization requests being concocted by unofficial parties to facilitate the granting of the Lebanese nationality to mislead applicants. This, the statement added, involves some makhatirs who claim to expedite naturalization procedures for specific sects exclusively. After receiving a large number of inquiries on the subject, My Nationality campaign advised citizens against conceding to such calls or paying certain fees, as the ministry of interior is the only competent authority to grant or regulate nationality matters, the statement went on to say, noting that the ministry did not issue any communique or decree authorizing a third party to collect and receive applications. The Campaign’s statement also reminded that the right of Lebanese mothers married to non-Lebanese to confer citizenship to their family members is a right to equality, hence should not be influenced by sectarian considerations that foster confessional divides in the country. In conclusion, the Campaign stressed that nationality is granted only by virtue of a law that observes equality among the Lebanese men and women, revealing that it is working with lawmakers and jurists as well as with political blocs and decision makers to endorse and ratify a fair and comprehensive nationality law that guarantees all eligible persons to get nationality without discrimination, exception or confessional preferences.