New Publication from CRTD.A || Citizenship and Gender and, the Impact of the Rise of Extremist Islamist Groups

Tue, 07/11/2017

(Panel Discussions with Radwan Mortada - Prepared by Dr. Omar Nashabeh, CRTD.A 2016) (Arabic, English)
This manual is published under CRTD.A’s regional project “Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women” – phase 3.
This regional project comes within the framework of the women economic empowerment program, implemented by the association as part of its commitment towards integrating the gender concept in economy, public policies and civil society organizations’ action, in order to fight gender based discrimination.
The manual is a concise paper, prepared by Dr. Omar Nashabeh, containing excerpts from long discussions with Mr. Radwane Mortada about the rise of extremist Islam and its impact on gender and women’s rights in the Arab countries, during meetings organized with project’s partners.
The text is divided into four parts: the first part tackles the development of extremist Islamist groups, the second the characteristics of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the third how extremist Islamists see the equality concept, while the fourth part addresses qiwama and opens discussion horizons regarding women’s rights in Islam.

Radwan Mortada is an investigative journalist specialized in extremist Islamist groups.

To order a copy of the manual please call CRTD.A on 01-616751