The Woman’s Right to Nationality Campaign protests law to give citizenship for descendants on Lebanese immigrants

Mon, 11/09/2015

In response to placing the law for reinstating citizenship to Lebanese descendants of immigrants on the agenda of the Parliamentary session for enforcement by necessity, following sustained pressure by the National Patriotic Front and the Lebanese Forces blocs, the ‘Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family’ campaign staged on November 4 a sit-in at the entrances of the Grand Serail and the Parliament in Downtown Beirut. Protesters expressed their opposition to any endorsement of above draft law until after Lebanese women gain their full rights in granting nationality to their families.
Speaking in the name of the Campaign and women and families concerned, Karima Chebbo voiced denunciation of any measure that substantiates the discretionary system of rights. She flatly refused the sanctioning of the subject citizenship law before women “who struggled for years” seize their full rights “without discrimination.” Protestors also appealed to the various parties and political groups to mobilize efforts to submit their campaign’s “demand on the schedule of priorities of the Dialogue and relevant House sessions so as to guarantee full and undivided equality between Lebanese men and women.”
During the protest, Mariam Ghazal, speaking on behalf of women participants, said that “women were not against giving nationality to Lebanese expatriates, however, women should be treated fairly and reclaim their fundamental rights as such.” She urged Lebanese women to hold officials in the electoral committees accountable for that. Likewise, Lawyer Iqbal Doughan who heads the Lebanese Working Women’s League, pointed out that according to the draft law for restoration of citizenship, a woman will remain deprived of the right to grant nationality to her family members, unlike her male partner who will enjoy this right.