The reform of the Egyptian Constitution: Rationale and Ideology || Cairo – Egypt, 12 October 2013

Sat, 10/12/2013

CRTD.A completed its SEOW2 activities in Egypt for 2013 with a workshop held on 12th of October, hosted by New Woman Foundation, which dealt with the ideological background and guiding principles for the reform of the Egyptian Constitution. The workshop’s key note speaker was expert and Constitutional Advisor Ashraf El Baroudi.
Some 30 people attended this event representing various political parties, CSOs and the media. The meeting started with a heated debate around the centrality of adopting a constitutional philosophical approach that would reflect the Egyptian revolution principles and guarantee the natural and civil rights of women in equality with men. The preamble of the Constitution was carefully analyzed and that exercise led to a series of suggestions that will eventually be presented to the Committee of Fifty, which was in charge of drafting Egypt’s new Constitution.