CRTD.A hosts the steering committee meeting of the Equality without Reservation Coalition

Sun, 12/22/2013

CRTD.A organised in its capacity as the new regional secretariat (2013 - 2016) the steering committee meeting for the EWR, which was attended by 8 participants from the Committee members from Jordan, Morocco, Egypt and Lebanon. The meeting reviewed the 2013 narratuve and financial reports submitted by the former EWR secretariat, namely the New Woman Foundation from Egypt, and agreed plans and activities for 2014 namely the revamping of the focus of the EWR to become more clearly oriented towards CEDAW as well as launching a regional campaign to support CEDAW implementation during the critical transitional period in the Arab region. Participants agreed the role of the EWR during the coming year namely the monitoring and communication of trends and developments related to CEDAW in the Arab region, the launch of the regional Campaign, participation in the CSW as well as engagement with the UPR and CEDAW commission meetings of 2014 which will be discussing the reports of Iraq, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait and Syria.