On the "Makramah" of the naturalisation decree number 10214: What about the rights of Lebanese women to transmit nationality?

Fri, 09/20/2013

My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family Campaign noted that the new naturalisation decree number 10214 signed by the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister was finally made public by the As Safir newspaperfollowing numerous rumors on this matter echoed by themedia.
Rather than dwelling to no avail on the why and how was such a decree issued or on the identity of those who benefited from it as well as the background and interests involved, My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family Campaign is ethically compelled to underline a number of conclusions on this matter:
1.  This decree was in now way surprising given very frequent precedents of arbitrary and non transparent practices by decision makers in Lebanon and to which, alas, citizens, have become accustomed;
2.  It is indeed shameful for the state, and notably for its two highest authorities, to grant the Lebanese nationality to foreigners, and ironically to women and men and their families, when it is denying this right to Lebanese women and their families whilst citing poorly convincing excuses;
3) This decree reveals the state’s total disregard vis a vis its women citizens and their rights and highlights the state’s false claims of being keen on upholding the rule of law and ensuring citizen’s rights and equality.
4) What is most incomprehensible is the timing of this decree as the country is going through the most uncertain and dangerous period and when the political elite is unable to provide the minimum level of safety, well being and livelihood to its citizens and is also unable to nominate a new government to take on such responsibilities.
Weconclude by saying that the release of this decree further reinforces our conviction with regards to a need for a radical change in the practice of governance in Lebanon and for embracing full and inclusive citizenship as the only entry point towards building a new state that is mindful of Citizen’s rights and social justice and as an alternative to the present confederation of religious groups.