A local general assembly for the Nationality Campaign on June 6 2013 in Majdel Anjar (Bekaa)

Thu, 06/06/2013

The Nationality Campaign organised a regional general assembly meeting which was held in Majdel Anjar on June 6th at the Walid Bin Talal Conference Hall in the Al Azhar centre in the Bekaa.  The event was organised within the framework of the peripatetic assemblies taking place all over Lebanon and was attended by more than 40 women and men as well as members of the Campaign Coordination Committee.  This particular event was held under the auspices of the Mufti of Zahleh and the Bekaa, Mr. Khalil Mais, who indicated his full support to the demands of the Campaign.  The Mufti called on politicians and decision makers to take the necessary steps to lift discrimination against women especially in reforming the currently unjust nationality law.