Invitation to a seminar on Cross-confessional marriages and family laws in Lebanon

Tue, 03/26/2013

Lebanon is currently witnessing political toing and froing regarding the issue of civil marriage which has come to the forefront again after the public initiative taken by Nidal Darwish and Khouloud Sukarieh.  The latter  has caused an uproar of discontent on the one hand as well as  with support and solidarity on the other. 

In addition, and within a framework of increasing political, social, and economic hardship and major changes and transformations in the Arab region, several civil society and political initiatives have emerged calling for a state that upholds the rights and entitlements of citizens.   
Based on CRTD.A’s work and focus on citizenship and gender equality as well as concern with social entitlement as well as Chaml’s effort to introduce a civil family code in Lebanon, and given the common concern shared by both organisations to work for a civil personal code as the only alternative that will allow unity and equality amongst citizen as well as the possibility to step out of the confessional system, CRTD.A is organizing in collaboration with Chaml a seminar on Cross-Confessional marriages and family laws in Lebanon.  The seminar seeks to highlight the social and economic dimension of this issue and will be based on a study carried out for CRTD.A by Mr. Kamal Feghali on cross-confessional marriages and their social and legal implications.  Dr. Eugarite Younane will be sharing a comparative analysis of the various scenarios of personal status laws highlighting key challenges and implications as well as sharing possible alternatives
The seminar is addressed to individuals and organisations interested concerned with the issue of personal status laws, civil rights and citizenship in addition to media and activists and practitioners in the field.  The seminar will take approximately three hours and will include two presentations by Mr. Feghali and Ms. Younan followed by an interactive discussion and sharing of participants views and experiences.  The seminar will conclude with recommendations of the way forward.
Date: Wednesday 27 March, 2013-03-22
Time: 4:30 – 7:30 PM
Venue: YWCA – Ain Al-Mraisseh
For RSVP please contact Hayat Mirshad on the following numbers: 01397796 and 01397813 or via email:, by Monday the 25th of March 2013.