My Nationality is a Right for me and Family Campaign || Protest || 17-01-2013

Thu, 01/17/2013

My Nationality is a Right for me and Family Campaign organized a protest after the “the scandalous decision” taken by the masculine ministerial cabinet entrusted with the task of reviewing the current discriminatory nationality law and proposingscenarios for its reform. 
The protest was held on the 17th of January in conjunction with the cabinet session in Baabda. PM Najib Mikati, counselor attended the protest and representing Mikati in standing by the women in their fair demands.
From her side, Lina Abou Habib, My nationality Campaign coordinator, expressed her shock from the decision taken by the committee, wishing that the draft was studied according to principals and rationality and not patriarchy. Abou Habib also wondered if Lebanese women should understand that they are not Lebanese citizens and that political and electoral benefits are above everything else, as should this mean that Lebanon does not respect any international conventions?