Gender equality in transmitting the nationality is a serious threat to confessional balance and higher national interests of Lebanon!

Wed, 01/16/2013

My Nationality is a Right for me and Family Campaign was dismayed by the outcome of the Ministerial Commission entrusted with the task of reviewing the current discriminatory nationality law and proposing

scenarios for its reform.  In its recommendation to the Prime Minister dated 14 January 2013, the Commissions notes that women’s right to transmit nationality to her family poses serious threats to the demographic and confessional balance of the country, and to the higher state interests.

The Constitution indicated that neither the Constitutional and international human rights conventions’ provisions for equality are in any way binding if the “implementation of equality will pose threat to higher national interests” thus setting a dangerous precedent for the systematic violation of women’s human and citizenship rights.

The Commission’s memorandum notes that the nationality law cannot be revised before the confessional system is abolished.  However, the Commission is oblivious of the fact that such acts contribute to the growing confessionalism in Lebanon.

My Nationality is a Right for me and my Family Campaign will be holding a press conference next week to reply in detail to the positions and recommendation of the special ministerial committee.