1.5% of the ministerial statement dedicated to women!

Fri, 07/01/2011

It seems that the cabinet of PM Najib Mikati is proceeding with its alienation of Lebanese women and their rights to a full partnership and to equality. Indeed, and after dropping women from the cabinet, there goes the ministerial statement placing them at the bottom of the priorities that the upcoming cabinet is planning on tackling.

The ministers of the nation graced us with a few, unclear words through their ministerial statement. They were kind enough to make promises to women on the work to enhance women’s rights in public life, mainly in leading positions. Will these promises be implemented by pushing women away from the cabinet? And how can social justice be achieved for all at a time when half the society is being alienated from the decision making positions? And how can the international commitments be implemented without amending the discriminatory laws and without lifting the reservations off these agreements, namely the agreement to end all forms of discrimination against women?!!!!

However, and despite this discouraging start, the campaign “My Nationality is a Right for me and my Family” and CRTD.A in its quality of a civil society organization, are challenging the Lebanese government to take some practical steps to translate the paragraph pertaining to women and included in the ministerial statement. The challenge consists of raising the issue of the amendment of the nationality law in a way as to guarantee the right for all Lebanese women to pass their nationality to their families; and to support the discussions that will be taking place in the parliament around the law of domestic violence and the personal status law so as to pass these two laws.

At this point, the Lebanese women and all the civil society organizations must intensify their lobbying movements on the ground under the slogan, “No right is lost when people call for their rights.”

Statement issued by the campaign “My Nationality is a Right for me and my Family” and CRTD.A
July 1, 2011