“My Nationality”: sit-in in front of Mokbel’s bureau to question him on the committee for the amendment of the nationality law

Tue, 07/17/2012

During a press conference held in collaboration with the “National Alliance for a Law to Protect women against Domestic Violence” at the YWCA headquarters, the campaign, “My Nationality is a Right for me and my Family” called on the Lebanese women married

to foreigners and their families to take part in a sit-in in front of the bureau of the Vice Prime Minister, Samir Mokbel, in Al-Rabieh next Thursday at 11 AM.
According to the campaign’s coordinator, Lina Abou Habib, this call aims at questioning the cabinet on the fate of the committee headed by Mokbel and that was appointed to the task of looking into ways for amending the unjust nationality law for the Lebanese women.
The committee met only once on March 21, 2012. Abou Habib considered that “the failure of the ministerial committee to meet constitutes an indication to the continued alienation of women’s issues that must actually represent national priorities. This also consolidates the patriarchal outlook to public issues.” She added that Mokbel presented a summary of his achievements last May where he failed to even mention the committee.
She further referred to the statements of the ministers of justice, social affairs, and interior, which assert that the committee “will not be meeting or making any decisions.” Abou Habib further discussed the positions of the blocs and parties concerning the right of the Lebanese woman to pass her nationality to her family and concluded that these parties are still controlled by the political positions and implications.
She called on Mokbel “to be responsible even if it is too late and to call on the committee to meet.