The “Nationality Campaign” participated in the “Campaign against the sectarian regime in Lebanon”

Sun, 03/20/2011

The “Nationality Campaign” (My Nationality is a right for me and my family) participated in the March organized by the“Campaign against the sectarian regime in Lebanon” on March 20, 2011 (coinciding with Mother’s day). The slogans focused on the importance of offering the next generation a secular democratic state where sectarian wars are prevented. Thousands of demonstrators carried signs stating “For the good of the country: secular democracy”, and “Nationality is a right for me and my family”. The protesters challenged the confessional political system which is the main obstacles to the enjoyment of citizenship rights.

The Nationality campaign called for concerned women and their families in addition to the activists to participate in the march that started from Sassine Square - Achrafieh all the way to the Ministry of Interior on Sanayeh to defend together the right of women to grant citizenship to their families.