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Past Events

We have noted two significant developments earlier this year in both Bahrain and Jordan, notably an attempt to reform nationality laws and bring some justice to women in their right to transmit nationality.... more
The fate of the proposed new law for reviewing public salary scales remains unclear despite the declaration made by MP Ibrahim Kanaan, the president of the parliamentary commission in charge of its review, and... more
CRTD.A organised in its capacity as the new regional secretariat (2013 - 2016) the steering committee meeting for the EWR, which was attended by 8 participants from the Committee members from Jordan, Morocco,... more
The SEOW2 Regional Project convened its 2013 annual Regional Partners' Meeting which was held on December 20 and 21st. The meeting was attended by 33 participants from Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Yemen, Tunisia... more
Manifestations of xenophobia and bigotry appear to be intrinsic to the social and psychological makeup of a large section of the Lebanese population and are intimately associated with their perception of the... more
CRTD.A organized a one day roundtable, hosted by ASALA, in Ramallah – Palestine, on the subject of ‘Women and informal work in Palestine: Key policy issues’. The event was held on the 4th of December 2013 and... more
My Nationality is a Right for me and My Family Campaign renewed its demands for equality in the rights of women to transmit nationality as well as for equality in the laws during a national sit in organised... more
Lebanon is celebrating this year the 70th anniversary of its Independence amidst a general political, social, and economic crisis and a lack of clarity regarding the future of its citizens who are increasingly... more