Press release||CRTD.A Seminar on Women’s informal work on 12th May 2012

Sat, 05/12/2012

The Collective for Research and Training on Development (CRTD.A) organized on Saturday May 12th a capacity building and learning seminar on women’s work in the informal sector, women’s invisible and care work. The seminar was organized within the framework of CRTD.A’s regional programme entitled “Sustainable Economic Opportunities for Women” and featured Dr. Christina Wallace,an international feminist expert on gender and economy. The seminar provided first, an overview of the concept of informal work and the different forms of women’s invisible work and which are not counted by mainstream economy. Indeed, the seminar argued that women’s contribution to the informal economy is often neither recognized nor valued by public authorities or by any other social institution although there is sufficient evidence to indicate that it constitutes a significant contribution to production and livelihood the Lebanese economy. In view of the critical importance of recognizing all aspects of women’s work, the CRTD.A has established a cycle of roundtables and seminars on these issues, by engaging members of civil society, academia, policy makers as well as activists to share their experiences and views, with the ultimate aim of visibilising and subsequently taking into account women's work. The Saturday seminar was attended by 50 participants from all over Lebanon and various agencies (cooperatives, NGOs, community centers of Ministry of Social Affairs, trade unions, academics, etc…)