Her Blood is Lebanese -Protest Sit-in at the Ministry of Interiors

Thu, 12/29/2011

The sit-in took place in front of the Ministry of Interior-Beirut, in protest against
against the recent approval by the cabinet of a draft law that would allow emigrants of “solely male descendants” to reinstate their Lebanese nationality.
The government not only reiterated its patriarchal values by pointing out that “blood lineage is exclusively male”,

but completely ignored the plight and rights of Lebanese women.

During this sit-in, the demands of women moved from simply the reform of the nationality law to the recognition of women’s citizenship and women’s right to have rights!

Several women’s NGOs participated in the sit-in to show solidarity with the cause. What was different in this event was the increasing number of political parties, NGOs and citizenship rights groups who were there vocally supporting equality and challenging the patriarchal nature of the state. Even non-feminist organizations were with us sharing feminist messages and demands!

All the participants took part wholeheartedly in the event. The symbolic blood donation station was an absolute hit! Women donated blood because, as they said, “despite what the Lebanese state says and thinks, we have blood, same as men!”