Majal (Lebanon NGOs Monitor) is an electronic newsletter published in Arabic by the Independent Resources and Information Services for NGOs issued since 2001.
Majal seeks to monitor and document the major social and economic policies affecting and related to the work of civil society in Lebanon and especially in the areas of citizenship and social development.
Majal is divided into two key sections.
The first section includes inform and data related to initiative in the social and development sector in Lebanon including foreign aid programmes.
The second section provides systematic overviews of registration of newly set up civil society organizations as well as new laws and decrees relevant to the social development, social entitlements and citizenship sector and published by the official gazette.
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Issue Number Date Download Issue
Issue #137 March 2015
Issue #136 February 2015
Issue #135 January 2015
Issue #134 December 2014
Issue #133 November 2014
Issue #132 October 2014
Issue #131 September 2014
Issue #130 August 2014
Issue #129 July 2014
Issue #128 June 2014
Issue #127 May 2014
Issue #126 April 2014
Issue #125 March 2014
Issue #124 February 2014
Issue #123 January 2014